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Buna Nitrile Rubber Balls

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Seamless Buna Nitrile Rubber Balls Provide Excellent Sealing in Flow Control Applications such as Pumps and Check- Valves. Excellent oil resistance.
Molded Only Buna N Rubber Balls (with molding seams) are available for non-critical applications.

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Item #


Diameter Tolerance

Trial Pack Quantity

List Price

NBR70D27500BG 2 3/4 in
± 0.005 in N/A QUOTE
NBR70D30000BG 3 in
± 0.010 in N/A QUOTE
NBR70D35000BG 3 1/2 in
± 0.010 in N/A QUOTE
NBR70D40000BG 4 in
± 0.010 in N/A QUOTE
  Results 26 - 29 of 29 1 2 
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